About Darlene 

My name is Darlene Lewis, but most people call me Miss Darlene. 

I am a 20-year resident of Roanoke County and a small business owner. I am hardworking and determined. My heart led me to open the doors to The Hope Center, a local non-profit organization that responds to some of the most basic needs of the community.


I am not a career politician and I have never held public office. I am, however, a wife, a mother, and an ordained minister.

At this volatile time in our history, I see many needs in our community and I believe the best way for me to address these needs is by entering the political arena.

I look forward to listening to the cares and concerns of the people living in the 8th district, and I look forward to helping my neighbors. I will work to see that the peoples' needs are met and will do so as God’s humble servant.

Thank you for your support!

Candidate for the 8th District

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